Our Team

We are a dedicated team of people with many years of experience from the Seafood industry. With our diverse background from trade, marketing, procurement, quality, sales and finance we believe that we have the right set up to be an add value to our strategic partners. We take pride in listening and understanding our customers to better fulfill their unique needs and supply the expected quality for each delivery. 

Hildegunn Fure Osmundsvåg


Hildegunn has more than 15 years from marketing and sales in large seafood groups. She worked for The Norwegian Seafood Council during 2013 until 2018 where she was Director of marketing and promoting Norwegian seafood in the Spanish market and the Dominican Republic. Through her career she has obtained insight in how different seafood segments are running their supply chain and marketing their product categories. She is also one of the founders of Star Seafood AS.

Mail/Skype: hildegunn@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 920 31 540

John Hodnefjell

Manager of Procurement

John is an experienced and dedicated purchaser of Norwegian salmon and trout. With more than 20 years in the industry, he is hands on with farmers, their current and historic production and locations. The Norwegian coastline is among the longest in the world. John will provide our customers the desired quality, from sites either sea or fjord-based. He is also one of the founders of Star Seafood AS.

Mail/Skype: john@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 904 11 499

Øyvind Holvik

Technical Manager

Øyvind has high expertise in the fields of quality, processing, farming practices and has been working in the salmon industry since 2001. He has been Production Manager for slaughtering and packaging plant, filleting factory and a smokehouse. For 10 years he worked as Quality Manager for a group, covering quality assurance of farming, processing-plants and customer specifications and product requirements. Prior starting in Star Seafood, he was Procurement Manager for the world’s largest processing facility. Øyvind is also one of the founders of Star Seafood AS.

Mail/Skype: oyvind@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 901 97 056

Arne Barmen


Arne is our Financial Director and has a long track record in establishing new companies as well as being part of successful seafood companies. His unique insight, his long experience and his broad network in the industry is an important factor for our company. He has the primary responsibility for the planning, implementation, managing and running of the finance activities of the company, including business planning and risk management.

Mail: arne@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 971 73 490

Katrine Myklebust

Sales Director Overseas

Katrine is responsible for all overseas sales at Star Seafood. She has broad experience from sales, marketing and logistics within salmon, whitefish and other seafood species from previous positions. Her knowledge about the market, the supply situation and optimal logistics solutions will help the client to maximize their sales and create business opportunities.

Mail: km@starseafood.no
Skype: katrinemyklebust@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 923 01 400

Thomas Steenslid

Sales Director Europe

Thomas has the overall responsibility for our sales to Europe. He has been working within sales for more than 10 years. In addition to broad sales experience he has deep insight in optimized logistics solutions, market supply and the overall market situation. The clients needs will always be Thomas first priority.

Mail/Skype: ts@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 923 03 131

Camilla Heggelund Blålid

Logistics Representative

Camilla is responsible for our back office services. She is responsible for all the important work that happens around a purchase and a sale such as documents, storage and transport. She will provide all service needed for correct and sufficient documentation.

Mail/Skype: camilla@starseafood.no
Mobile: +47 481 91 617


Anders Johan Urkedal

Logistics Manager

Anders has more than 10 years experience within the area of operations and logistics. He has broad experience and knowledge of documentation for all destinations as well as coordinating transport by air, ocean and road. Customer service is a key word in all his work, and he will always do his outmost to find a solution in the most efficient and suitable way. He has in addition profound insight in different operational systems and will apply these solutions to his daily work to make any transaction be more cost- efficient and unproblematic.

Mail: anders@starseafood.no
Skype: andurk
Mobile: +47 992 68 846

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